Anyone interested in human rights needs to know about this amazing American woman and her dedication to international human rights learning over the last six decades. Shulamith, or Shula to those who know her, is the founder of PDHRE – Peoples Movement for Human Rights Learning. PDHRE was founded in 1988 in New York City. PDHRE is founded on the words of Nelson Mandela. The need for a new political culture based on human rights.

In 2003 the United Nations awarded Shula their prize in the Field of Human Rights. This is a very prestigious honor as it is only given out every five years and only five Americans have ever received it. The other four Americans are Eleanor Roosevelt, James Grant, Martin Luther King Jr. and Jimmy Carter. Nelson Mandela is also a recipient. The tireless work Shula has done has not placed her in the public eye, but naming the other four Americans and of course Nelson Mandela, demonstrates the category this amazing woman is amongst.

Prior to forming PDHRE, Shula an Industrial Engineer spent over twenty years with her husband Jerry, manufacturing water saving products for irrigation and water systems. To read more about Shula visit

Written by Jane Meagher,
Director, Human Rights Learning with MHRI