National Housing strategy


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With this analysis, the Social Planning Council of Winnipeg and the Right to Housing Coalition examines exactly what the federal government is offering and how we in Manitoba can best capitalize on the plan. The federal government stepped out of housing and left it all to provincial and territorial governments decades ago.  “The result has been a patchwork approach with very mixed results”  according to Kate Kehler, executive director of the Social Planning Council of Winnipeg.

This is a time to recognize and capitalize on what the federal government is offering. We want to urge the provincial government to match the resources on offer in order to fulfill what should be every Canadian resident’s right to safe and affordable housing
— report author Josh Brandon.

The provincial budget will be presented on Monday, March 12th.

Our supporters are calling on the Manitoba government to release the long awaited provincial housing strategy alongside Budget 2018. We will be watching for the budget to invest in that housing strategy, demonstrating that this government is prepared to leverage as many dollars as it can to support people experiencing housing insecurity and homelessness across Manitoba,
— Kirsten Bernas, spokesperson for the Right to Housing Coalition.

At Right to Housing, we have been asking for a National Housing Strategy for over a decade. Now that Ottawa is responding, it is important that we get the details right so that we meet the needs of low income people in Manitoba who need housing
— Clark Brownlee, founding member of Right to Housing.