Manitobans for Human Rights are excited to announce our new Youth Advisory Council members!

As of our last meeting on July 30th, 2018, we have initiated new members to run our youth advisory council. Our new co-secretary(s) are Izabel Meza and Mily Bahilo, two talented young woman interested in gaining experience in the human rights community in Manitoba. Our new treasurer is Leah Wilson, a student attending the Global College at University of Winnipeg. Our new co-chairs elected are Hannah Mihychuck Marshall and Chloe Touzin. Hannah is in the International Studies and Modern Languages programs at uOttawa, she has also worked for B’Nai Brith Canada as a human rights communications researcher and assistant. Chloe is interested in gaining a human rights background and focusing on immigration issues in Canada.


Thank you to all the names that were put forward for these positions. We truly appreciate the leadership and responsibility that has been shown within our youth advisory council and we are proud to have you all as a part of out team.