The Manitoba Metis Federation (MMF) invites all Canadians to become part of Métis Nation history and join our “Journey in the Heart of the Homeland Idea Competition” to design the future home of our long-awaited Métis Nation Heritage Centre.

Recently, the MMF purchased a historic building in Winnipeg, the Bank of Montreal, on the south-east corner of Portage and Main – one of Canada’s most famous intersections. While respecting the building’s architectural importance, its interior space is ideal to house the Heritage Centre, which will protect and celebrate our Métis heritage in a manner benefiting current and future generations of Canadians.

For nearly two decades the Métis Nation has envisioned a Métis Nation Heritage Centre that will display our artifacts, contemporary art, and educate the public on Métis culture and heritage. Finally, this dream is becoming a reality. The Métis Nation Heritage Centre will offer heritage workshops, protection and display of artifacts, photography, as well as traditional and contemporary arts including beadwork, music, dance, painting, and clothing design.

To begin the building’s transformation, the first step is to sketch what the inside and outside of the Heritage Centre might look like. We invite all Canadians to submit their vision and design concepts for the interior and exterior of the building. These submissions will include the interior space of the Heritage Centre as well as the building’s exterior – letting everyone know what is inside.

Submissions will be evaluated by a jury. There will be monetary as well as non-monetary incentives for you or your firm, including $10,000 for the first place winner! There will also be a component for children and youth.

Submission deadline: September 28, 2020

For more information, visit: Journey Into The Heartland