our mission

  • Non-profit, not-partisan association
  • Promote human rights learning throughout Manitoba to different sectors
  • All people, regardless of age, gender, or identity
  • Know the holistic vision and practical mission or human rights for it to be relevant
  • Have Winnipeg designated a Human Rights City
  • Develop a community based on equality, free from discrimination

detailed mission statement

Manitobans for Human Rights is a non-profit, non-partisan association that has two main goals in mind.

The first is to promote Human Rights learning throughout the Province of Manitoba, to many different sectors of society. This goal is based on the conviction that for human rights to be effective, all women, men, youth and children must know, must own and internalize the holistic vision and practical mission of human rights –so that in a dynamic way it becomes relevant to their daily concerns.

The second goal is to work towards the goal of having Winnipeg designated as a Human Rights City, to the gradual development of a community based on equality and non-discrimination, a place that encourages people to more actively participate in the decisions that affect their daily lives guided by the human rights framework.

how we came to be

In 2010 Valerie Thompson, President of MHRI asked Shulamith Koenig (Shula) if she would come to Winnipeg from New York for a keynote speaking engagement. Shula stayed with Valerie and the two became great friends. Shula came to Winnipeg a total of four times. Shula talked with Valerie about human rights learning and about Winnipeg becoming a Human Rights city. Valerie made the decision to make both Human Rights learning in Manitoba, and Winnipeg being designated a Human Rights City her goal. In 2014 Valerie Thompson and five other people who are passionate about human rights formed Manitobans for Human Rights Inc.


Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

– Martin Luther King Jr.