The 2018 board of Manitobans for Human Rights Inc. (MHRI)

The board of directors of Manitobans for Human Rights Inc. is a diverse group of hard working, respectful individuals from all walks of life who share a commitment to human rights. The goal of the board is to work with all Manitobans to promote human rights learning across this great province of Manitoba and for Winnipeg to be the next Human Rights City in Canada.

Executive Committee
  • Valerie Thompson – President
  • Dennis Ballard – Vice President
  • Jackie Motosh – Treasurer
  • Walt Nillson – Secretary & Archival
Board of Directors
  • Fiona Haftani – Director, Communications
  • Jane Meagher – Director, Human Rights Learning
  • Lloyd Axworthy
  • Mary Lou Bourgois
  • Anthony Fernando
  • Richard Freeman
  • Althea Guiboche
  • Jaron Hart
  • Lesley Hughes
  • Joel Kennedy
  • Trevor Mueller
  • David Northcott
  • Shandi Strong
  • Rochelle Zimberg

MHRI Board of Directors Biographies