Without even knowing it, we all participate in making an impact on Human Rights in our community, every day. It may take the form of your thoughts, interactions with others, education, discussions with friends or advocacy to improve equality and equity between all of us.

Regardless of the steps you are able to take in your life, each of us plays an important role. We at the MHR aim to provide resources, guidance and tools to those wanting to be pro-active toward a common goal of improving human rights in Manitoba.

Joining the MHR is a rewarding step that offers your own energy and creativity, and gives strength to our shared vision. We welcome your participation at the level of energy you are prepared to offer.

  • General membership requires no formal tangible measurable commitment, aside from working toward the goals in our vision statement.
  • Committee participation puts you together with a smaller subset of dedicated volunteers who may choose to focus on a specific set of objectives, a community or project.
  • Board membership is most suitable for leaders in our community who have extensive experience, specialized knowledge and/or an established track record in the field of Human Rights.

The giving of love is an education in itself.

– Eleanor Roosevelt.