The Steering Committee will be made up of representatives of a variety of organizations working on many different human rights issues for the purpose of initiating a dialogue on how to work together to set priorities in the setting of goals and strategies in recognition of the interconnectedness and indivisibility of human rights for all Manitobans, young and old, and to collectively undertake action and research focused on preventing and reducing abuses of these human rights, with the goal of having Winnipeg designated as a Human Rights City.

Manitobans for Human Rights has started to form a Steering Committee that will include many individuals, groups, associations and agencies working on some aspect of human rights, however often working separately and in isolation of one another. It is the hope that by working together with Human Rights, as an overriding factor, the participants will learn from one another and have more specific understanding of the barriers faced by each group. The sharing of data, resources, issues and stories will hopefully underline the interconnectedness and indivisibility of human rights for all groups. The goal is for the steering committee to prioritize together to provide research and activity to bring about more effective change that benefits all.

Aggression unopposed becomes a contagious disease

– Nelson Mandela

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