Seniors are vulnerable citizens and therefore susceptible to ‘Elder Abuse’, be it physical, emotional, or financial. Physical abuse is also emotional abuse, and is common in situations where the senior has no advocate to assure their well being, and with seniors living in poverty.

Seniors in any community comprise our elders, and with them our collective body of wisdom and perspective gained through more years of experience.

They can share first hand knowledge and examples to provide guidance through both stories and professional acumen.

Seniors also often benefit their communities by having more time to commit to tasks that younger people must juggle with competing commitments to their developing careers and young families.

Seniors own specific needs can also be be the focus of Human Rights discussions. With advancing age may come particular vulnerabilities and needs that require our attention and consideration.

The MHR Seniors Committee is formed with several goals in mind. Not all are seniors themselves, but all benefit from this honing of our attention to their specific skills and needs.

Manitobans for Human Rights (MHR) has taken a unique and innovative approach to form their Steering Committee. The committee will include individuals from community groups representing different human rights issues. Together the members of the MHR Steering Committee will collaborate, learn from one another, and then as a group, prioritize one specific issue that will draw on their mutual resources, strengths and contacts to bring about meaningful change.

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